The Mass Hysteria In Politics…Today’s Infant Adults On Social Media

I came across a few articles recently on Real Clear Politics, MSNBC, CNN and a few other reputable websites.  Each of them talked about the support from each the Democratic and Republican base.  It was quite an interesting read/research and it made me curious to go and see for myself what these particular articles were referring to.

So as any open-minded person would do I went on an online journey to observe reactions and perspectives from what is now declared the “left” and “right” perspective. I decided to only spend about a week doing this because, to be honest, I have a life and a job.  My main targets were twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now a fair warning: you may disagree with either side and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their political and social viewpoints, it is what makes this country great. Open dialogue helps shape a new course for achievements and success. If you refuse a person’s view and continue to assume that yours is the only that’s correct, then you are what’s currently wrong with society. That is the way of thinking that keeps discrimination of any sort, racism and other negative aspects of life alive.

Now that we got that disclaimer (and or insult depending on how you took it out of the way) let me say this; What the hell is up with the mass hysteria on social media? It is not healthy, and some could say alarming. It seems that no matter which group does anything, the other group makes it seems like the end of the world is taking place. There are people out there that are literally waiting to cling on to any movement that will make them feel comfortable at night.

I called around and found out from multiple schools and organizations in NYC that people are still in need of puppy/kitten therapy, due to the results of an election.  THERAPY FOLKS, FROM ELECTION NIGHT. Even my kids could not believe what they were seeing on my screen and on TV.

These same people are using social media as their outlet.  Log onto any social media website and you can see on a daily basis people exaggerating circumstances.  Everything is life-threatening and opinions/rumors are now being retweeted, shared, and used as fact.  There were instances that I saw where a report would come out and within minutes, influential people were saturating a story to brainwash people with their viewpoints with speculation, accusations and made up facts that haven’t been introduced as a substance to the report.  Within minutes you have angry people from all sides speaking vulgar to each other without even knowing the person.

Hate clicks team up to bash on individuals. Name calling, threats of violence, calls to protest, and more like if it was mobilized before the report even came out.  Most people have already chosen a side like a football fan chooses a team. They do not care if they have zero facts to support their viewpoint or if their assessment is completely wrong as long as they can argue something that makes them feel good about themselves and gives them hope of change to what they are comfortable with.

Society has yet to realize that we have always had checks and balances.  Too much of anything; whether is vanity, opinions, rumors, and viewpoints has never been good for an entire civilization, it has always been our ability to compromise and to come together with a middle ground that has allowed us to survive this long. When we don’t listen to each other, refuse to compromise, and or accept each other then you get the result you are seeing today;  spoiled childish behavior.

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Written by Latin Babbler

Father, Self Proclaimed Funny Guy, Entrepreneur and Traveler.  Rafael Fernandez is a consistent contributor to The Daily Onion from articles ranging into sports, politics, social issues, and more.


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