Jaime Rivera

Effects of alcohol on the brain

First the effects of alcohol on the actual brain The evidence of alcohol affecting the brain are difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slow reaction time and impaired memory. Clearly, alcohol affects the brain. Some of these impairments are detectable after one or two drinks and can be resolved after a few hours of non […] More

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UFC main and co-main event results

UFC 227 was a night for the books. Main event Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2 and co-main event Johnson vs. Cejudo 2 were extremely exciting and action packed. A night that will go down in my opinion as one of this years UFC’s history making PPV events. Cementing Dillashaw’s reign in Bantamweight and a New Flyweight […] More

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The reason I am touching on this subject is that I have been affected in my body, mind and spirit by this life altering substance. I want to be very careful in dealing with this subject and want to say as a disclaimer that this is my own views and life experience. I am writing […] More

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