Medical Marijuana’s Positive Effects – The Story of Officer Larry Smith

The rise of Medical Marijuana in the United States is seen as no surprise due to the potential uses of the drug. Medical marijuana is now being bought and used for positive reasons like chronic pain alleviation, Parkinson’s disease, pain related to cancer, hypertension, migraines and more.  Marijuana is currently illegal under federal law in America since they see it as a gateway drug to harder substances like cocaine or heroin. Furthermore, they also believe that marijuana won’t benefit the body by any means. However, research on the drug has proven it to be beneficial. Scientific investigations on marijuana have proven that people are more likely to substitute very addictive opioids for medical marijuana when it comes to chronic pain and other symptoms.

A retired police officer from South Dakota named Larry Smith was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (involuntary movements of the body) for more than 20 years. During that time frame, he attempted and failed to treat himself from the symptoms of the Parkinson’s like chronic dyskinesia despite using different medications. At that point, he was in need of more research. However, he was reluctant to try medical marijuana because it’s against the law. Since he was desperate for a cure, he decided to try medical marijuana. At that time he and his wife went to California in order to consult a physician and start the therapy. There is a popular myth about medical marijuana. Many people think that inhalation is the only method of consuming marijuana, stating that it could lead to lung cancer. Nevertheless, apart from inhalation, medical marijuana can be consumed through ingestion, as topical or consumed orally as a drink or shake. However, Larry Smith discovered that the cannabis oil worked well for him.  According to a documentary with Larry’s called ride with Larry, using medical marijuana helped him to take part in a 300-mile bike ride across South Dakota. Five minutes after his first dose of medical marijuana his dyskinesia subsided and his body movements were regulated. He had the ability to speak with ease.  After spending so much money on anti-seizure drugs, he finally saw a change in his motor skills and cognitive impairment. However, his only problem lies in the fact that he isn’t living in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Thus, he cants proceed with therapy.

Big pharmaceutical corporations and the federal government are in favor of powerful opioid medications so as to keep their businesses on track. The pharmaceutical companies and the government are giving medical marijuana a bad image since it has potentials to put them out of business, despite an increase in revenue from marijuana legal states. They have failed to analyze the facts. Medical marijuana has a lot of benefits that need research. Marijuana has the ability to treat millions of people suffering from chronic illnesses all over the United States and at half the cost pharmaceutical companies charge for the corresponding pills. Why are pharmaceutical companies and the government denying the positives impact of this drug which can save millions of Americans who often suffer from chronic pain or terminal diseases?


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